Seniority, Inc.
Executive Producers of Surfing for Life

Seniority is a consulting firm focused on the housing and health care of active adults. The company is please to have been involved in the production of Surfing for Life.

Seniority Background
Seniority, Inc. was formed in October, 1997 The mission of Seniority is to share its development, management, sales and marketing expertise with other organizations in the senior housing and health care business.

Strength of the Parent Organization
Seniority is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Baptist Homes of the West. American Baptist Homes of the West, commonly called ABHOW, is the largest provider of continuing care in the western United States and the third largest provider in the country. With over 4,000 residents, the company has consolidated annual revenues in excess of $125,000,000.

The Business Lines of Seniority:

Seniority Development Business
Seniority provides development consulting services to other not for profit organizations engaged in the retirement housing and health care business. Having a development business allows Seniority to better understand the needs and pressures of its sales and marketing clients.

Seniority Sales Business
Seniority provides the following comprehensive sales systems and services:

  • Sales office management and operation
  • Sales staff recruitment, hiring, training and compensation
  • Sales systems including computerized lead tracking and training
  • Regional Sales Manager service for all clients
  • Sales and marketing audits
  • Market feasibility studies
Seniority sales currently employs more than thirty-five people who serve clients in 15 states and the District of Columbia.

Seniority Management Business
Seniority provides management consulting services to its clients. The client may retain Seniority to manage an existing community, to engage pre-opening management consulting services or to contract for both. Seniority’s managers have "hands on" experience in the operation of continuing care, market rate rental, low income housing, assisted living, nursing care, adult day care, child day care, home health and dementia care management.

Seniority Communications
In 1997 Seniority formed a Limited Liability Corporation with Coakley-Heagerty Advertising Agency of San Jose, CA. The company provides comprehensive communications services to senior housing and health care providers throughout the United States. Services of Seniority Communications include:

  • Marketing and communications plans
  • Advertising, public relations and creative services
  • Media and Yellow Pages placement
  • Telemarketing and direct mail services
  • Logo, letterhead, stationery and collateral production
  • Web site creations and management
  • Special events planning and management
  • Crisis, governmental and congregational relations plans
The services of Seniority and Seniority Communications, LLC, may be purchased separately or together.


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