Acclaim from Critics Throughout the U.S.

"This inspirational movie is also a fascinating glimpse at the history of surfing, with archival footage that provides a rare look back, especially in California, at how the surfing culture evolved. You don't have to love surfing to groove to this highly entertaining film." (four stars)
Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle

"A wise and refreshing perspective on growing old [told with] artistry and celebratory spirit."
David Ansen, Newsweek Magazine

"Enjoyable and engaging…numerous ingratiating elements make it fun, upbeat fare of interest to general audiences as well as surfing aficionados."
Dennis Harvey, Variety

"SURFING FOR LIFE is a treasure, perhaps the most intelligent treatment of surfing ever captured on film."
Bruce Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle

"The portraits of these inspirational elders challenge the images of aging presented in the media and commonly held among American youth. SURFING FOR LIFE makes an eloquent and important statement about the human potential of later life."
Dan Young, Metro Santa Cruz

"An upbeat, fun, inspiring look at a great sport and some passionate seniors." Four hats (highest rating).
Jan Wahl, Movie Critic, KRON-TV, "Moving Pictures."

"David L. Brown's engaging documentary, SURFING FOR LIFE is a fun, fascinating and inspiring ride."
Dennis Harvey, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"An exhilarating, insightful profile of an enclave of lifelong surfers in Southern California and Hawaii, a history of the sport and its lifestyle." (three and a half stars)
Wesley Morris, San Francisco Examiner

"SURFING FOR LIFE is every senior surfer's Oscar trophy, a brilliant film that salutes its extraordinary characters and challenges anyone's definition of the golden years."
Bernie Baker, Surfer Magazine

"In the spirit of the best documentary filmmaking, SURFING FOR LIFE is simply a good movie: well-crafted, elegantly paced, fun to watch and interesting on a human level that appeals to everyone. It's a film that celebrates life and encourages the viewer to pursue whatever hopes and dreams inspire passion."
Catherine Graham, Santa Cruz Sentinel

"SURFING FOR LIFE combines two powerful films in one: it is an intriguing documentary about some of surfing's pioneers and an inspirational tribute to those who have grown older with grace and style. The film is funny, charming and surprisingly moving in parts. It changed my outlook on growing older and rekindled my desire to surf for life."
Stuart Coleman, The Honolulu Advertiser

"A celebratory documentary…one of the most fascinating portraits of the sport on film."
Paul Malcolm, L.A. Weekly

"A stirring and uplifting documentary…that celebrates the human spirit. Each of the ten portraits in SURFING FOR LIFE offers a facet of surfing as a ritual for redemption and spiritual cleansing…As they tell their stories, they light up the screen. Even the most jaded viewer will find it hard not to be inspired."
Terry Rodgers. San Diego Union-Tribune

"One of the most entertaining and inspirational surfing film since ENDLESS SUMMER 1. I enjoyed it so much that I will be at the premiere even though I have seen the film five times. It is that worth it."
Tim Goodwin, Santa Cruz Good Times

"Charming…packed with heart-warming moments, personal insights, fascinating historical footage, private tragedy, humor and an inspirational message about accepting the aging process and making the most of it."
Pam Kragen, North County Times, San Diego County

"I can recommend no video more inspiring or motivating than SURFING FOR LIFE…a treasure chest of surfing history, as well as a study of lives fully lived and a myth-breaking document of "alternative" aging. This is a great film."
Joe Mozdzen, Editor, Making Waves, Surfrider Foundation

"Inspiring and uplifting, SURFING FOR LIFE demonstrates what the human body and spirit are capable of well after the "prime years." The cinematography is beautiful and the film wonderfully conveys the awesome power of nature and the beauty of the ocean's waves. SURFING FOR LIFE is an inspiring, honest and surprisingly enjoyable documentary."
Alana White, Daily Trojan, University of Southern California

"David L. Brown's inspirational video should be mandatory viewing for everyone over 40."
Surfer Magazine.



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Malibu International Film Festival, Best Documentary

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Columbus International Film Festival (Honorable Mention)

Time Inc. Health and Medical Media Awards (Finalist)

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